About Us

Innovators of Solid Expandable Technology: Field-proven well construction and well intervention solutions.

Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, Inc., the world's leading provider of solid expandable solutions for the energy industry, innovated the technology to expand pipe in pipe in 1998, when it introduced SET®  technology to solve drilling, completion and production issues that threatened a well’s potential value and the oil and gas operator’s return on investment.

How solid expandable technology works

Enventure's SET and ESeal™ technology radially enlarges proprietary tubulars through a cold-drawing process using a downhole cone-driven expansion assembly. SET and ESeal Systems have been expanded through window exits and milled sections, modified for corrosive well installation, installed in deviated and horizontal wells, and have proven to be advantageous when coupled with other enabling technologies such as surface stack drilling, intelligent completion tools, and multilaterals.

Enventure Facilities

To ensure SET and ESeal technology are available to oil and gas operators when and where they need it – whether onshore or deep or shallow water offshore, in pre-salt formations, in unconventional reservoirs, in high pressure/high temperature conditions or in mature fields -- Enventure has a global presence with sales offices, warehousing and/or operations in:

  • North America
  • Middle East
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific


At Enventure, we recognize that our continued success depends on the collective talents and capabilities of our workforce.


Enventure’s board of directors and executive leadership team work together to create a corporate culture of professional excellence that encourages growth and individual contributions.

History & Milestones

Learn more about how Enventure was formed and when some of the more notable expandable installations occurred.