Quality Policy

 Enventure Global Technology, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “Company” or “the Company”) is committed to providing our customers superior products and services that meet or exceed customer, industry, and Company quality requirements. To achieve this goal, the Company will diligently work with our customers to define operational and technical requirements and match our products and services to those requirements. 

 The Company’s primary objective is to achieve “Relentless Reliability” through superior materials, technology, service delivery, and Quality processes. To achieve this objective, the Company has established a documented Quality Management System that provides the structure, processes, and measurement programs to deliver product and service excellence and facilitate continuous improvement.

Quality objectives are established within each major department of the Company, and these objectives are measured on an ongoing basis against the overall Company performance targets to identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Measuring customer satisfaction and service performance are key metrics of the Company, and these metrics are directly linked to incentive compensation within the Company to ensure that all Company personnel are aligned in common quality and reliability goals through shared performance ownership.

The Director of QHSSE or their designee is the designated management representative who has the authority and accountability to ensure that the standards of ISO 9001:2015 are communicated and maintained across the Company.

Company management is enthusiastically committed to the success of our Quality Management System. To realize this goal, the active participation of everyone is critical in embracing fostering, and promoting an environment of product and service excellence.

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