History & Milestones

SET® Solid Expandable Technology: Field-proven in thousands of installations in basins all over the world.

Enventure Global Technology, a Shell Technology Ventures portfolio company managed by Kenda Capital B.V., emerged in 1998 just two months after proof-of-concept tests demonstrated the feasibility of expanding pipe used in oil and gas wells. Enventure's proprietary technology for expandable pipe, threaded connections, and installation tools enable oil and gas exploration and production companies to extract the most value from their wells at each stage of the well’s life.

Working with independent and national oil companies to support their drilling, completions and production objectives in more than 2,000 installations around the world, Enventure has achieved a multitude of industry milestones.

The first commercial installation of a SET® System was in 1999 for Chevron, just outside Louisiana state waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, we have provided SET®, ESET™ and ESeal™ solid expandable solutions for more than 350 customers worldwide in a variety of open and cased-hole applications.

  • 2018/S. Texas - Commericalization of ESeal 3.0 ReFrac Liner
  • 2016/Middle East - First SameDrift Field Trial
  • 2015/Marcellus — First Coiled-Tubing Conveyed ESeal Patch
  • 2014/Globally — Rotational ESET™ Introduced 
  • 2014/Barnett Shale —  First ESeal Refrac Liner (EX-110) Installation
  • 2013/Danish N. Sea — 1000th Consecutive Installation with Zero Recordable Incident
  • 2012/Saudi Arabia — First Successful 16 in. SET System installation
  • 2011/Gulf of Mexico — Three SET Openhole Liners installed in same wellbore
  • 2010/Oman — First MonoSET OHC Installation
  • 2009/Gulf of Mexico — Record-length SET solid expandable installation
  • 2009/Barnett Shale — First ESeal Refrac Liner (EX-80) Installation
  • 2009/Saudi Arabia — 1,000,000 ft expanded
  • 2008/Piceance Basin — 1,000th SET installation
  • 2005/Saudi Arabia — First expandable/intelligent completion installation
  • 2004/Saudi Arabia — First Well Slimming Application
  • 2002/S. Texas — First installation through a window exit
  • 2002/Oman — First Horizontal Installation
  • 2001/North Sea — First 13 Chrome expandable solution
  • 2000/Gulf of Mexico — First SET solid expandable installation in deepwater
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