ESeal™ Flex

The ESeal Flex system is an expandable solution primarily designed for well completions, stimulations, and workovers.

The system consists of expandable joints separated by conventional API tubulars. The expandable joints utilize bonded elastomeric seals that, once expanded, anchor the system and provide sealing capabilities for zonal isolation. Flex systems differ from standard SET and ESeal systems in that the connections are not expanded. This feature allows for the use of premium connections such as the gas-tight Atlas Bradford® STL™.

Field Applications

Flex systems are typically used in cased-hole environments but can also be applied in open hole situations. Systems are readily available for casing off sections in most 4-1/2 in.

Common uses for ESeal Flex systems

  • Casing re-enforcement and repair (leaks/splits, corrosion, perforations, packer seats, etc.)
  • Water shut-off and control of production or injection
  • Zonal isolation for stimulation of new perforations


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