Drilling to the Max

Enventure’s ESET® Technology removes the barriers to maximum drilling potential.

Enventure’s innovative solid expandable tubular is reducing cost, time, and risk in drilling operations around the world. By planning ESET Technology into the wellbore design, operators are benefiting by:

  • Reducing NPT
  • Mitigating risk in reaching TD
  • Increasing ROP

Slimmer well profiles, smaller rigs, and fewer consumables are also possible with ESET technology.

Applications: Onshore and offshore, conventional and unconventional wells.
Actual results: Reduced drilling time up to 65%. Deepest water depth record of 9,216 ft.

Want to maximize your drilling operations and see case histories with actual results? 

Reducing drilling time 65% in deep water

Making Enventure's Solid Expandables a part of the drilling plan enabled deep-water operators in the Mississippi Canyon to cut their previous drilling time from 140 days to just 48.  Installing over 2700 feet of Solid Expandable liners running at depths up to 4100 feet allowed them to maintain hole size while navigating narrow-pore pressure/fracture gradient windows.


Cutting drilling time 21% and saving over $1M per well

Using Solid Expandables in their drilling plan, operators in the Savell field cut drilling time in multiple installations from 94 to 74 days and increased the rate of penetration by 37%.


Saving $100MM drilling investment and achieving depth record

A $100MM drilling investment was jeopardized when the drilling formation pressure data  showed that an ultra-deep water well could not be completed at the needed hole size.

The operators worked with Enventure to strategically deploy over 1,489 ft (454 m) of Solid Expandable liner was installed in a water depth of 9,216 ft (2,809 m), saving the well.


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