HOUSTON, August 31, 2015 – Vorpal Energy Solutions, a technology incubator has launched thru its Drll2Frac technology a completely new approach to improve recovery in Unconventional plays and Enventure Global Technology, a leader in the solid expandable solutions for the oil and gas industry, today announced a strategic collaboration to leverage their respective technology offerings for helping the industry harness the burgeoning refrac market.  Vorpal’s Drill2Frac™ technique, a patent pending, low-cost, fast turn-around, newly engineered completions approach to improve recovery in Unconventional plays by offering a quick insight into lateral heterogeneities along the wellbore trajectory, Drill2Frac can help to optimize fracturing operations thru optimal placement of perforation clusters. 

Enventure’s expandable ESeal Refrac (RF) Liner has proven to be effective at providing mechanical zonal isolation of existing perforations and internal pressure integrity that unlike particulate diversion techniques enable greater predictability of planned fracture stages. This results in uniform injection during refracturing and provides a more predictable frac placement, making the ESeal RF Liner The Ultimate Diverter.

Together, the collaboration can provide identification and isolation of target zones enhancing total recoverable reserves.

Kumar Bashyam, Co-founder & CEO of Vorpal Energy Solutions and Drill2Frac comments “During these challenging times for the upstream Oil & Gas Shale industry with the industry evaluating Refrac as the new frontier, we are pleased to collaborate with Enventure for their mechanical isolation solution and to enable  customers to optimize the refrac opportunity either for the entire lateral or for selective sections within a lateral and help achieve the twin industry goals of increase shale production and lower exploitation costs”. 

About Vorpal Energy Solutions

Vorpal Energy Solutions develops next-generation, game-changing technologies for the upstream oil & gas industry. Its Drill2Frac technology offers a completely new approach to improving recovery in unconventional reserves by revealing lateral heterogeneities along the wellbore trajectory enabling placement optimization of the perforation clusters or sliding sleeves when engineering the completion for new-drill or refrac. www.vorpalenergy.com

About Enventure Global Technology

Houston-based Enventure Global Technology, Inc. is the world's leading provider of solid expandable solutions for the energy industry. Enventure developed the technology to expand pipe in 1998, when it introduced SET® technology to solve drilling, completion and well intervention challenges that threatened a well’s potential value and the oil and gas operator’s return on investment. Since then, Enventure has proven its technology the world over in virtually every basin and formation type in which the oil and gas exploration and production industry operates. Enventure has sales offices and operations worldwide. For more information, please visit www.EnventureGT.com

Tuesday, September 1, 2015