Oil and Gas Innovators Join Forces in New Micro-Alliance

WPN: The New Model for Well Performance


Houston, October 9, 2017 – A new micro-alliance between multiple agile, innovative, technology-driven service companies, collectively called the Well Performance Network (WPN), launched today, to revolutionize well construction and completion to deliver longer-lasting wells.

Born from the need for an integrated offering and highly professional approach to working with operators, this unique partnership brings together field-proven technologies and collaborative expertise to pave the way for the new model in well performance.

To solve this, the founding members, XACT Downhole Telemetry, an industry-recognized leader in providing real-time downhole data in challenging well construction environments, Tendeka, a leading provider of completion solutions and services, and Enventure Global Technology, the world’s leading provider of solid expandable technology for the oil and gas industry, formed WPN. This groundbreaking micro-alliance reduces complexity by offering the latest technology solutions combined with the leading expertise in the industry to offer a collective solution for the most challenging well environments.

“When properly engaged throughout field development planning and execution, the collaboration of expertise within WPN makes production more reliable, and projects more viable,” said Annabel Green, CTO, Tendeka, one of the founding members of WPN.

“In partnership with us, clients can improve well construction, completion, reservoir and field development production economics, making wells last longer, reducing risk and down time, and enhancing performance,” said another founding member, Alastair McClean, CEO, Enventure Global Technology.

The third founding member, Jason Roe, CEO, XACT Downhole Telemetry, also commented, “During times like these, the industry needs to use joined up thinking. We’re excited to see what comes from this collaboration and how it improves the industry as a whole.”

Additional service companies will soon be able to join this network to add to the growing breadth of expertise and innovative technologies and solutions.

Founding members of WPN will be attending ATCE in San Antonio, TX, October 9-11, 2017, and will be discussing how each of their unique technologies and collaborative insights can enhance performance.

To learn more, visit www.wellperformance.net or the WPN LinkedIn profile.


About WPN

Well Performance Network (WPN) is the new model for production performance. The micro-alliance brings together the right mix of expertise and innovative technology from one source, reducing complexity, delivering improved and lasting commercial and operational results to every well challenge. The three founding members are XACT Downhole Telemetry, Enventure Global Technology and Tendeka.

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