Enventure, the world's leading provider of SET® solid expandable solutions for the energy industry, announced today that the company has set an industry record for the longest 5-1/2 x 7 in. SET solid expandable liner. The 4,596 ft. (pre-expansion length) Cased-Hole Liner (CHL™) system was successfully installed with zero recordable safety incidents in the Middle East.

The record installation was performed in a water injection well to repair a badly corroded 7 in. liner previously considered for abandonment. Enventure’s CHL system regained pressure integrity in the well and allowed for a 4-1/2 in. conventional liner to be run and cemented downhole, which provided a second barrier to further extend the life of the well. The system was installed utilizing a 750 hp workover rig and hydraulically driven with minimal hook load or force pulling down on the hook. 

“This milestone is another landmark achievement for Enventure, which further validates the effectiveness of SET technology in land drilling environments and demonstrates the proven advantages the SET product line delivers to oil and gas exploration and production companies,” said Stacey Andrews, Senior Operations Manager, Eastern Hemisphere, for Enventure. ” 

Read about our World Record Installation now, In this case history you can read the Challenges the operator faced, as well as the Solutions and Value that Enventure Global Technology provided.  Worlds Longest 5-1/2in Solid Expandable Liner

Tuesday, October 1, 2013