One and Done

The next generation of expandable zonal isolation products from Enventure
  • Solid Expandable sealing off old fractures

Our solid expandable patches, liners, and diverters are a one-time permanent solution for refracturing.

Today’s refracturing challenges require solutions that provide maximum results while effectively managing production. Enventure’s next-generation patches, liners and diverters do both. More than two decades of experience and client collaboration have given us the edge in developing an expandable zonal isolation system that provides:

  • Permanent solutions to zonal isolation
  • A system customized to specific refrac requirements
  • Largest inside diameter (ID) in the industry
  • More flow and power to the reservoir
  • Operation in higher-temperature and higher-pressure reservoirs.

Benefits to asset managers

Regardless of oil prices, you need predictable costs and reliable results when refracturing. Enventure’s next generation Refrac System delivers this by improving on our previous mechanical-diversion techniques, which already have the highest success rate and reliability in the industry. Pairing this permanent system with our Engineered Liner Analysis service, you can make data-based decisions about your refrac options and choose the most cost-effective option from our tiered system.

Benefits to operators

Today’s oilfield operations are a constant balancing act. You need to optimize ROI and minimize risk during multi-zone isolation and recompletion operations, while tracking cost vs. frac effectiveness and production rates. Now you can make this balancing act easier with Enventure’s comprehensive Refrac System. Our efficient and cost-effective options will enable you to mechanically isolate old perforations to provide internal-pressure integrity and zonal isolation, with the largest ID possible, providing more flow and more power to your reservoir.

The ESeal® system of mechanical diverters

Enventure’s ESeal® 3.0 Refrac System employs solid expandable mechanical diverters. Each is designed to provide permanent refracturing solutions in specific well environments. All effectively create a new wellbore with the maximum ID (inside diameter) for the isolation of existing perforations, thereby providing more flow to your reservoir. This helps you have more power for your refrac – to get a better frac and increased flow area for production afterwards.

Designed to meet your specific refracturing requirements

The ESeal 3.0 RF and RF-HT (High Temp) deliver higher pressure integrity by optimizing the expansion process. Both use our Engineered Liner Analysis service.

  • ESeal 3.0 RF - Our next level system features newly enhanced connections that are 16% stronger than the previous generation and are ideal for vertical and horizontal wells in less extreme temperature environments.
  • ESeal 3.0 RF-HT - Our highest rated system, the ESeal 3.0 RF-HT Refrac Liner, uses the toughest connections in the industry: 40% stronger than the previous generation.

Case histories with actual results

Production increased 700% where cement squeezes failed.

Operators needed to isolate zones for refracturing in over 100 wells. But multiple cement squeezes had failed and the costs were mounting. Enventure's permanent Solid Expandable liners worked the first time and provided the isolation needed for the refracturing.

The average production per well increased from 2 to nearly 15 barrels per day, which means the treatments were paid out in just 2 or 3 months.


Flow area Increased 200%, withstanding 10,000 psi.

Frac operations in Eagle Ford Basin had to be abandoned due to damaged casing intervals until Enventure Solid Expandables were used to effectively seal off the troubled areas and withstand 10,000 psi for fracking. The flow area was increased 200% and production was brought back online.


HP frac operation saved using coiled tubing.

Operators in the Permian Basin restored casing integrity by deploying Enventure’s Solid Expandables via coiled tubing.


NPT reduced by 1.5 days, paying for the expandable and providing a permanent solution.

Cement-squeeze perfs in the Anadarko Basin were successfully covered within twelve hours. The Operator saved a day and a half in squeeze time alone, not including mitigating any possible failures of a cement squeeze during the frac.


Liner Analysis service

Thanks to continuous feedback from our clients, Enventure now offers a powerful service to calculate the safe operating window for your refrac using any solid mechanical diversion technique. Our Engineered Liner Analysis will allow you to balance cost vs. frac effectiveness and production rates. That analysis will help determine the most effective approach to refracturing.

Considerations in the Liner Analysis

The Liner Analysis estimates tension in the liner for different plug locations by considering the possible ranges of Treatment pressure, downhole temperature, frac-fluid density and reservoir pressure and then comparing that to connection ratings to determine feasibility of fracturing solutions. Enventure will walk you through the factors and scenarios that significantly affect the loads or provide the considerations for you to compare with your own internal models.

Lunch is on us

We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Solid Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

You'll go away with a new tool for your tool kit!