ESeal™ Patch

A Reliable Solid Expandable Casing Patch Solution
ESeal Patch

The ESeal Patch provides a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes while maximizing ID and maintain the largest production conduit possible.

While Enventure has always been known for robust, reliable solid expandable solutions, this simpler approach to re-establishing casing integrity means you get the same quality and reliability in a new, lower cost solution for sealing unwanted perfs, casing leaks or reinforcing casing.

ESeal Solid Expandable Facts

  • An ESeal expandable system has a reliability > 99%.
  • A set it and forget it approach to seal the leak.
  • Typical installation takes +/- 48 hours, including prep & load out.
  • ESeal Patch systems are permanent, no degrading over time.


We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

You'll go away with a new tool for your tool kit!