Solutions for Deepwater

Today, the deepwater  environment presents the oil and gas industry with its greatest challenges and associated costs in drilling, completions, and production operations.  Enventure’s history is linked with challenging deepwater oil and gas development.  Enventure has provided the industry with expandable liner solutions  in wells with deepwater depths ranging from 1000 to over 8000 ft in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Canada, Egypt,  Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, India, and Israel.        

Enventure provides expandable liners to enable deepwater wells to reach planned TD’s with the desired wellbore diameter and to mitigate the many drilling risks associated with deepwater well construction.   Enventure expandable liners have been used to minimize production costs and NPT in deepwater wells by covering corroded sections of casing to restore wellbores and to provide larger wellbore ID’s for sidetracks to maximize reserves and production rates.   Enventure expandable liners have also enabled the completion of multilaterals in offshore wells to maximize platform slot use and to provide larger ID’s for smart well completions.

Enventure has a history of technological innovation, and superior equipment reliability and service. Enventure has a 100% success rate for the 42 deepwater installations it has done over the last five year period from  2008 through 2012, and a 97% success rate for its 142 deepwater installations overall.  Safety is a number one priority for Enventure, and over its history, Enventure has had only one recordable onsite accident (a minor injury) during an installation.


Solutions for Deepwater Intervention

Minimize non-productive time while restoring casing for production and maximizing recovery of reserves in deepwater wells.

Solutions for Deepwater Completion

Minimize non-productive time while restoring casing, to enable efficient completions in deepwater wells and to optimize wells by completing with multilateral wellbores.

Solutions for Deepwater Drilling Challenges

Mitigate drilling risk and minimize non-productive time when drilling wells in deepwater.