Solutions for Deepwater Completion

Deepwater Completion Objectives

Minimize non-productive time while restoring casing, to enable efficient completions in deepwater wells and to optimize wells by completing with multilateral wellbores.

Deepwater Completion Challenges

Harsh environments / casing damage

Wellbore casing can become damaged over time from corrosive C02/H2S environments and erosion from sanding during production. Being prepared to remediate wellbore damage in deepwater wells is essential, since non-productive time is unacceptable due to the high cost of operating in the deepwater environment.

Multi-lateral wells for maximum contact

Also, to maximize offshore well capacity and best utilize existing platform slots, constructing wells with multilaterals will help assure maximum reservoir contact per well. In some cases, to optimally produce multilaterals, (e.g. to minimize water influx), downhole intelligent control equipment is necessary to monitor and control flows from various zones in deepwater reservoirs.

Deepwater Completion Solutions

Repair production casing / seal off old perforations

To repair production casing and/or to seal off old perforations, expandable ESeal™ Liners and Patches can be used. In most cases Enventure's standard-grade EX-80 liners can give sufficient performance and lifetime in CO2 environments. But if better corrosion resistance is desired, for instance for sour gas, more corrosion-resistant alloys are available, such as 13Cr.


Sidetracking / Open-Hole Liners

Expandable open-hole liner (OHL) can be used to maximize the ID of the main lateral wellbore when extending a shoe or sidetracking from an existing wellbore.

When constructing multilaterals, the larger ID main lateral will allow larger window exits to be milled to drill larger ID secondary laterals. In addition to enhancing outflow during production, the larger ID laterals will also facilitate the installation of intelligent wellbore flow-control equipment to optimize production of hydrocarbons and water.


The SET® Chart provides a table of all the standard sizes available or you can use the SET Designer to configure a system based upon your parameters.


The value of repairing casing in a deepwater well to allow installation of sand control equipment was demonstrated in a GOM well. Enventure installed 2300 ft. of expandable liner to avoid having to sidetrack, move the rig, and defer production. This process was estimated to have a business value in excess of $25 million. The value of expandable OHL in enabling multilateral construction for deepwater wells is that no new slots/platforms are required to achieve enhanced production. Fourfold increases in production from 1500 to 6000 bopd from one well have been achieved by multilateral construction.Intelligent downhole instrumentation paid out the multilateral cost in 10 days.

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