Solutions for Completion of HPHT Wells

HP/HT Completion Objectives

Maximize recovery of reserves in HPHT wells by enabling completions or recompletions to proceed as planned with the required well integrity.

HP/HT Completion Challenges

Maintaining well integrity

In HP/HT reservoirs such as in the Gulf of Mexico, Problems can occur with casing integrity during completions. A reliable and efficient repair is needed to minimize NPT and enable the well to be completed as planned with the required well integrity.

Sealing off intervals for recompletions

For recompletions, reliable methods are needed to seal off intervals to recomplete the well elsewhere.

HP/HT Completion Solutions

Covering damage, isolating perforations

In HPHT reservoirs, Enventure's expandable ESeal Liners and Patches can provide a reliable method of covering damage and isolating perforations. to allow well completions or recompletions to continue with the required wellbore integrity. For example, expandable liners have been used to repair casing damaged during casing integrity testing prior to hydraulic fracturing. The large ID of the expanded liner has enabled well completions and hydraulic fracturing to proceed as planned.

Repair or Recompletion

Recompletions of other intervals have been enabled by using expandable liners and patches to seal off unwanted perforations.


Enventure's expandable liners in HPHT completions avoids the need for costly sidetrack operations and the associated rig move, avoids smaller completion equipment which can restrict production, and minimizes downtime that reduces production. For example, in one GOM well, repair of a leaky interval at 23,400 ft. using 2,300 ft. of 6 x 7-3/4 in., 46.1 lb/ft. liner, had an estimated business value of in excess of $25 million. This repair enabled a larger OD Stacked FracPac completion to be installed and 25% larger production liner to be used that increased incremental production by 1000 bopd over the expected value.

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