Solutions for HPHT Well Intervention

HPHT Intervention Objectives

To maximize recovery of reserves in HPHT wells by enabling production operations to proceed as planned with the required well integrity.

HPHT Intervention Challenges

Repairs that maintain well integrity

In HPHT reservoirs such as in the Gulf of Mexico, problems can occur with casing integrity during production operations or if production declines to unsustainable levels. A reliable and efficient repair or production enhancement strategy is needed to minimize non-productive time and enable the well to be restored with the required well integrity and production capacity.

HPHT Intervention Solutions

Restore integrity, shut off intervals, access new reserves

In HPHT wells, Enventure expandable ESeal™ Liners and Patches can be used to restore wellbore integrity and well production to shut off undesired intervals by isolating perforations, and to access new reserves by sidetracking or well deepening.

Repair damaged casing

Expandable liners and patches have been used to repair casing damaged during HPHT production and injection operations, and for other HPHT- well intervention solutions for 4-1/2-in., 5-1/2-in., 7-in., 7-5/8-in., 7-3/4-in., 9-5/8-in., 11-3/4-in. and 11-7/8 casing.


Incremental production attained from repairing casing leaks, shutting off unwanted water, and accessing new productive formations are crucial in maintaining the economic viability of an HT/HP production or injection well. This can translate to millions of dollars in revenue from new reserves and well cost savings, especially when offshore.

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