SET® Solutions for Completion in Mature Fields

Mature Fields Completion Objectives

Maximize recovery of reserves by recompleting the well to allow refracturing.

Mature Fields Completion Challenges

Reversing decline in production

After wells have been on production for several years (as in reservoirs such as the Barnett Shale), production can decline to levels where refracturing the same interval or entire lateral in the well may be desirable, especially in cases where the original fracture stimulation was not done optimally.

Stimulating fracturing

In cases where fracturing is desired in previously un-perforated sections -  or in just some of the previously placed perforations -  the challenge is to cover the unwanted perforations in a way that will assure fracturing stimulation in the desired zones at the desired time.

Mature Fields Completion Solutions

Perforations reliably covered

Enventure’s SET® Expandable cased-hole liner (CHL) provides a reliable method of covering unwanted perforations to allow refracturing in wells. Other methods such as cement squeezes or chemical diverters are not as reliable and do not give the same level of assurance for hydraulic fracturing injectivity.

Fracturing and refracturing improved

CHL has been used in shale formations such as the Barnett and Marcellus shale and other areas to isolate perforations, allowing refracturing as well as fracturing. These have been used in wells with 5-1/2-in. production casing.

The SET® Chart provides a table of all the standard sizes available or you can use the SET® Designer to configure a system based upon your parameters.


Incremental production attained with refracturing using Enventure’s expandable CHL can be substantial. For a field-wide restimulation program in Texas of about 100 wells, average production per well increased from 2 Bopd to almost 15 Bopd, paying out the entire treatment in just two or three months, and yielding more than 1/4 million bbls of incremental oil the first year.

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