SET® Solutions for Production in Mature Fields

Mature Fields ProductionObjectives

Maintain and extend well life and maximize production of reserves with minimal additional CAPEX.

Mature Fields Challenges

Maintaining economical production

Mature oil and gas fields have problems maintaining economical production resulting from production decline, water influx, and well integrity issues. A U.S. geological survey estimates that only 1/3 of recoverable reserves has been produced from mature fields, creating a challenge to recover these reserves.

Mature Fields Solutions

Well integrity regained

Enventure’s expandable CHL’s can be used in mature oil and gas fields to help produce residual oil and gas, to access new intervals and areas in the reservoir, and to restore casing to regain the well integrity required to maintain production.

High-pressure damaged repaired

Production solutions with expandable CHL can involve repairing casing damaged by high pressure,drilling, and by corrosion; isolating perforations for water and production control; isolating perforations for injection and restimulation control; and re-entry for sidetracks and well deepening.

The SET® Chart provides a table of all the standard sizes available or you can use the SET® Designer to configure a system based upon your parameters.


The value of Enventure’s SET® expandable CHL in enabling production amounts to tens of millions of dollars from incremental production revenue for field-wide projects such as in Texas, and to millions of dollars of savings from well redrill costs in areas in the U.S. and North Sea area.

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