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Some of the most challenging drilling today involves reservoirs that are Pre-Salt / Sub-Salt.  Drilling to these reservoirs can involve drilling very long sections of salt (up to 5000m), often drilling rubble and transition zones above and/or below salt sections.  This creates numerous challenges involving wellbore stability.  Unexpected frac and pore pressure gradients are often experienced in these wellbores.  Too, mobile salts must be dealt with.

For over 16 years, Enventure has provided SET® openhole liners to enable Pre-Salt / Sub-Salt wells to reach the planned reservoir by providing extra casing strings when unstable wellbore conditions have been encountered.  SET® openhole liners have been used specifically to cover transition areas through rubble and salt, maintaining the ID necessary to run conventional casing - designed for long term salt movement – to the planned section TD.  The use of SET® openhole liners has saved hours, days and even weeks of non-productive time, but the greatest value comes from completing the wellbore with the planned ID at TD.

Enventure has a history of technological innovation and a proven record of superior equipment reliability and service.  Of the over 1700 installations of expandable liners that Enventure has made, it has a greater than 97% success rate for the past five years.   Safety is a number one priority for Enventure, and over its history, Enventure has had only one recordable onsite accident (a minor injury) during an installation.


SET® Solutions for Pre-Salt Production

Repair corrosion of an offshore pre-salt producer, and/or convert it to an injector for CO2 EOR, and maximize recovery of reserves in deepwater wells.

SET® Solutions for Pre-Salt Completion

Optimize wells by completing with multilateral wellbores in pre-salt reservoirs with intelligent well technology.

SET® Solutions for Pre-Salt Drilling

Mitigate drilling risk and minimize cost when drilling to pre-salt /sub-salt reservoirs.