SET® Solutions for Pre-Salt Completion

Pre-Salt Completions Objectives

To optimize wells by completing with multilateral wellbores in pre-salt reservoirs with intelligent well technology

Pre-Salt Completions Challenges

Producing optimal multilaterals

To maximize offshore well capacity and best utilize existing platform slots, it is desirable to construct wells with multilaterals to attain maximum pre-salt reservoir contact per well. In some cases, to optimally produce multilaterals (e.g., to minimize water influx), downhole intelligent control equipment is necessary to monitor and control flows from various zones in the pre-salt reservoirs.

Pre-Salt Completions Solutions

Main wellbore ID maximized

Enventure’s Expandable open-hole liner (OHL) can be used to maximize the ID of the main lateral wellbore when extending a shoe or sidetracking from an existing wellbore. When constructing multilaterals, the larger ID main lateral will allow larger window exits to be milled to drill larger ID secondary laterals.

Intelligent flow-control facilitated

In addition to enhancing outflow during production, the larger ID laterals will also facilitate the installation of intelligent wellbore flow-control equipment to optimize production of hydrocarbons and water. Sizes of expandable OHL for this purpose can include the 5.5 x 7-in. and 4-1/4 x 5.5-in. OHL.

The SET® Chart provides a table of all the standard sizes available or you can use the SET® Designer to configure a system based upon your parameters.


Since no new facilities or drillsites/platforms are required, the value of this technology is in well savings. Additionally, production enhancement comes from increased outflow capacity from larger ID and better well control.

For a Middle Eastern operator, for example, a horizontal well with an openhole lateral that had experienced an increase in water production, had 1209 ft. of 5-1/2 x 7-in. OHL installed which enabled the drilling of 2 laterals (4600 and 7600 ft) into new areas of the reservoir and the installation of 3 surface-controlled intelligent valves and 3 sets of hydraulic production packers.  The result was that the well’s water production dropped from 15% to 6% and the oil production increased from 1500 to 6000 bopd which paid for the completion in 10 days.

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