Solutions for Unconventional Oil & Gas

  • Unconventional Oil & Gas

Shale gas and tight oil shale reservoirs have become a major consideration in the strategic planning for many operating companies as well as in the countries holding these resources.  Enventure has developed expandable liner solutions for applications to hydraulic fracturing of shale-based reservoirs and has seen the use of these products increase dramatically over the last two years.   Enventure has installed expandable liners  for hydraulic fracturing applications in shale plays in North America in Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Alberta, and British Columbia.

For hydraulic fracturing applications, Enventure's expandable ESeal™ Liners and Patches have been used to restore pressure integrity to casing damaged by high pressure fracturing operations by covering parted connections, split casing, and failed frac sleeves.  Expandable Liners have also been used to isolate perforations in laterals to provide injection assurance for refrac operations, as well as to cover errant perforations or those required for remedial squeeze operations to allow fracturing to proceed.  When drilling the curve section for horizontal shale wells, Enventure expandable open-hole liner (OHL) has been used to mitigate risk by covering problematic zones if encountered and providing large enough expanded ID to run the next casing size through it as planned.  In this way, the wellbore pressure and collapse ratings can be maintained as well as the planned diameter for the horizontal section of the well to enable fracturing to proceed with the required wellbore equipment, and fracturing pump rates and pressures.



Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Production

Enable fracturing or refracturing operations to proceed as planned in unconventional gas and oil plays with the required well integrity.

Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Completion

Optimize wellbore completions for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional gas and oil plays.

Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Drilling

Minimize drilling cost and risk when drilling wells in unconventional gas and oil plays.