Solutions for Unconventional Oil and Gas Completion

Unconventional Oil and Gas Completion Objectives

Optimize wellbore completions for hydraulic fracturing in unconventional gas and oil plays (shale gas and tight oil).

Unconventional Oil and Gas Completion Challenges

Recovering hydrocarbons economically

Unconventional reservoirs require special drilling and completion practices to achieve economic recovery of hydrocarbons. Because these unconventional reservoirs have very low permeability and porosity (and in the case of shale gas wells contain hydrocarbons that are adsorbed to the rock surface as well as stored in the primary and secondary porosity), extensive hydraulic fracturing is required to provide the hydrocarbon pathways required for economicalproduction. This is achieved by drilling long horizontal wells through the reservoir and fracturing these laterals in many stages (up to 40) from the toe to the heel of the lateral. Consequently, the completion cost for some of these wells may exceed the drilling cost.

Overcoming high dogleg severity and wellbore pressures

The combination of high dogleg severity and high wellbore pressures during fracturing can limit or stop hydraulic fracturing operations due to high friction pressures or premature screenouts.

Unconventional Oil and Gas Completion Solutions

Larger ID maximizes inflow and outflow

Enventure’s expandable OHL can be used to provide primary completions in the lateral section of the well with larger ID to facilitate hydraulic fracturing and to maximize both inflow and out-flow from the well.

Swellable elastomers achieve frac stage isolation

Frac stage isolation can be achieved by using swellable elastomers bonded to the outside of the liner with the desired frac stage spacing. These expandable OHL are available for use in 5-1/2" and 7" casing.


Enventure’s expandable OHL’s can be used to provide laterals with enlarged ID by 36% over conventional stimulation liner. This can significantly increase the success rate of costly hydraulic fracturing. Moreover, the customized elastomer-seal placement allows frac stages to be placed to maximize reserve recovery.

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