Life of Well

Expandable Solutions for wells throughout their lifecycle.
  • SET® Solid Expandable Technology
  • SET® Solid Expandable Technology

Enventure applies the most advanced expandable technology, coupled with our industry-leading experience, to help operators enhance production and optimize drilling. As the most reliable systems on the market, SET® and ESeal solutions are successfully being used in existing and re-entry wells to isolate perforations, restore wellbore integrity as well as full-pressure capability, facilitate selective stimulation, reinforce casing, deepen wells and control water. They also effectively mitigate risk by improving wellbore architecture.

In addition, expandables offer substantial benefits in sidetracking programs by maximizing hole size and therefore completions. This enables operators to meet targets on time and on budget, all the while enhancing production. Enventure utilizes a team-delivery approach to implementing solid expandables.

Our technology enhancements are built on the lessons learned over the last 20 years in establishing a robust and reliable solution. From saving a multi-million dollar exploratory well with a record 6,935-length liner, to remediating watered-out perforations in a 40-year-old well with a 30-foot string - expandable technology creates value-based economies, one customer at a time.


Completions Solutions

Well Completion

In unconventional oil and gas plays, utilizing multi-zone isolation completion systems for selective fracturing is an efficient and reliable means to complete wells.

Drilling Solutions

SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells. But innovative technology never stays put.

Intervention Solutions

From developing re-entry programs to remediating entire fields, expandables are being applied in a broad list of applications to meet production objectives.