Completions Solutions

  • Well Completion

In unconventional oil and gas plays, utilizing multi-zone isolation completion systems for selective fracturing is an efficient and reliable means to complete wells.

SET® and ESeal products support are a multi-zone isolation completion solution that utilizes solid expandable technology and elastomer technology to enhance fracturing operations. MaxFrac and ReFrac products support any type of perforating, plug and fracturing program from conventional shaped charge perforation on coil to pump down composite plugs for isolation. These solutions also allow for the creation of multiple new perforation and fracture intervals or zones to support refracturing programs.



Multi-Stage Fracturing

Enventure solid expandables combined with swellable technology along with jet perforating and coiled-tubing fracturing techniques provide pinpoint fracturing. 

Enlarged Production Conduit

Utilizing solid expandable components and associated large diameter completion components across the lower sandface can provide the means to support larger production or injection rates.