Mitigating Risk

Drilling projects are notorious for presenting unique challenges, which often lead to costly non-productive time (NPT). By proactively incorporating our SET®solutions into your drilling operations, you can often eliminate potential challenges before they occur.

Extra Casing Points.

When drilling conditions dictate a casing point to be set higher than planned, SET® Systems offer a solution that allows you to stay on plan. Since SET® liners are expanded downhole, the internal diameter (ID) is enlarged in situ enabling larger casing to be run for the next string, thus keeping the well on target. If a SET® liner is strategically planned into the well design:

  • problem areas can be isolated,
  • risk is minimized,
  • and value is enhanced.

An expandable liner can also be run as a contingency in case of unforseen well problems. Either solution enables a well to stay on plan.

Reaching Total Depth.

SET® solid expandable technology provides a larger wellbore than conventional casing by expanding tubulars downhole. Expandable technology mitigates risk in exploratory wells where unknown formation conditions are often encountered. There are several ways to utilize SET® systems.

  • Planning an expandable liner high in the wellbore above any problem areas provides clearance for additional casing strings.
  • Expandable systems can also be run as a contingency to mitigate anticipated trouble areas.
  • Additionally, after the first exploratory well is completed, expandables can be strategically planned into future wells providing an optimized well design.


We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

You'll go away with a new tool for your tool kit!