Sidetracks are a cost-effective strategy for increasing the rate of return on capitalized assets:

  • Access stranded reserves.
  • Utilize existing infrastructure.

However, these programs come with their own set of challenges:

  • Damaged pre-existing casing.
  • ID restrictions.
  • Drilling depleted zones.

Implementing SET® expandable systems into sidetrack programs provides flexibility and enables overall production enhancement:

  • Exit at optimal locations.
  • Extend reach.
  • Increase ID.
  • Add casing strings.

The SET® Solution can be applied across an entire field providing an even better return on investment, as proven by a project in the Indian Ocean.

We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

You'll go away with a new tool for your tool kit!