Intervention Solutions

Solid expandable technology provides a robust and permanent solution to well remediation challenges. From developing re-entry programs to remediating fields, Enventure offers a broad list of applications and products to help you meet objectives.

Damaged Casing.

Damaged tubulars compromise production, making maintenance and repair absolutely essential to ensuring well integrity, and preventing an eventual failure of the tubular infrastructure. ESeal™ systems install solid steel expandable casing across troubled areas- a permanent repair solution. Additionally, the expansion process ensures maximum ID and production with minimal downtime. 

Enhancing Production. 

With 70 percent of oil production coming from fields more than 30 years old, forward-thinking operators are increasingly using existing infrastructure to access new reserves from old platforms. Boasting higher collapse and burst ratings, ESeal expandable systems are commonly applied in sidetracking and well deepening programs designed to access new or stranded reserves, and zones below depleted formations. 

Permanent, Robust, Reliable.

Enventure's ESeal technology provides a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes and patches while maximizing ID and maintaining the largest production conduit possible. ESeal Liners and Flex Systems are effective solutions for addressing water control and injection control issues. 




SET® expandable systems are commonly applied in programs designed to access zones below depleted formations.


How does Expandable technology mitigate the restrictions inherent to re-entry operations using conventional tubulars? Find out in this section.

Isolating Perforations

When installed and expanded across depleted injection zones or watered-out production zones, ESeal Liners and Patches provide a permanent, solid-steel repair that isolates perforations.

Damaged Casing

Damaged tubulars compromise production. Learn how Operators are remediating their fields with expandables and increasing production by up to 200%.