Damaged Casing

The casing within your well is literally your production lifeline. Damaged tubulars compromise safety and the environment, as well as production, which is why maintenance and repair is absolutely essential to ensure well integrity and prevent an eventual blow out, water influx or collapse of the tubing infrastructure.

ESeal Technology:

  • repairs casing leaks, liner hanger leaks and corrosion
  • covers parted casing
  • strengthens casing prior to stimulation or zonal isolation for re-completion
  • enables shutoff of pre-existing perforations

ESeal Systems install solid steel expandable casing across troubled areas – a permanent repair solution. Additionally, the expansion process ensures maximum ID and maximum production.

Operators are remediating their fields with expandables and increasing production by up to 200%.



Corrosion Repair

Wellbores often experience internal corrosion due to produced liquids (including gas liquids). With varying success, corrosion is resolved using CRAs, coatings and chemical injection.

Leaks and Parted Casing

Subjected to high loading conditions – and often left unsupported – the mechanical limits of casing are put to the test.