Isolating Perforations

Enventure’s ESeal™ technology provides a robust, permanent alternative to unreliable cement squeezes and patches. ESeal solid expandables are also cost-effective, since they enable the use of standard production equipment in most cases, due to their minimal impact on internal diameter (ID).

Installing an ESeal expandable system can:

  • Shut off high water-cut in production
  • Improve water-flood sweep efficiency
  • Maximize ID for better flow efficiency
  • Increase recoverable reserves
  • Provide a permanent solution versus a temporary fix
  • Reinforce casing for re-stimulation



Injection Control

Controlling the injection of fluids into a wellbore is critical during stimulation or reservoir-flooding operations. See how ESeal™ Liners are an efficient solution by isolating the zone.

Water Control

In mature fields with increased water cut, expandables can isolate watered-out zones and extend the producing life of the asset.