70 percent of oil production today comes from fields in excess of 30 years old. Operators utilizing existing infrastructure to enhance recovery or reach new reserves are maximizing their return on investment (ROI) and bringing assets online faster.

The most advanced technology is being implemented in fields around the world to access stranded reserves. Forward-thinking operators are going one step further and accessing new reserves from old platforms – going deeper and farther than ever before. Expandable technology is perfectly suited for these applications, as it mitigates the restrictions inherent to re-entry operations using conventional tubulars.


Well Deepening

Many new reservoirs are being found below existing fields. How do Expandables play a part in maximizing the value of existing infrastructure? Find out here. 



Sidetracking is one of the most efficient means of accessing new or stranded reserves. Utilizing existing, already capitalized, infrastructure can maximize ROI for new production.