SET® and ESeal solid expandable systems are commonly applied in programs designed to access zones below depleted formations. SET and ESeal expandable tubulars have higher collapse and burst ratings than alternative wellbore repair options and, therefore, provide a solution that mitigates corroded or perforated sections of casing without concern for higher fracturing pressures.

Expandables also extend the producing life of the wellbore by providing new completion options while postponing plug and abandonment costs. Expandables will enable you to:

  • Isolate perforations for zonal shut-off and re-completion
  • Enable higher fracturing rates by maximizing ID
  • Establish full-pressure integrity throughout wellbore
  • Improve casing/well integrity
  • Prolong asset life
  • Establish packer seat for controlled/isolated stimulation


We'll bring you lunch and tell you how our Expandables can provide solutions for your well construction, casing integrity, and well completion/recompletion challenges.

You'll go away with a new tool for your tool kit!