Solid expandable technology involves the controlled expansion of solid steel liners in the down hole environment for enhanced drilling, production, completion and remedial operations.

As the proven leader in solid-steel expandable liners, Enventure’s depth of expertise positions us to provide solid expandable solutions that are consistently proven to be effective alternatives to conventional casing for well construction, restoration, and recompletion.

For construction of wells, by maximizing ID using expandable openhole liners, more casing points are possible and the well-tapering effect is minimized enabling our customers to attain their target TD with ID's for maximum outflows.Similarly the use of expandables for wellbore slimming can dramatically reduce total development costs by increasing ROP, reducing consumables and enabling the use of smaller, lower cost rigs.In addition , recent advancements in zonal isolation without cement and improved single diameter technologies are paving the way for future applications including maximizing lateral ID's to facilitate fracturing and smart-well completions as well as maximizing outflow.

For existing wells, solid steel expandable liners have found many applications for restoring wellbores. In mature oil and gas fields, wells have been restored by covering sections of corroded casing with up to 7,000ft of expandable cased-hole liner. In new and developing fields, wellbore damage from drilling and completions operations such as parted connections, casing splits, and failed frac ports have been repaired by covering with cased-hole expandable liner to enable the well to be completed as planned and put on production.

Solid steel expandable liners have also found many applications in existing wells to access new or stranded reserves and to enable recompletions. In more mature fields, expandable open-hole liner can be used to sidetrack or deepen an existing well to maximize the reserves while minimizing well construction costs. Expandable case-hole liners can also be used to cover existing perforated intervals to block off unwanted water influxes, to convert wells from production to injection, and to allow hydraulic fracturing in other intervals or to re-fracture the covered interval by staged fracturing.

The above applications of solid-steel expandable technology serve to reduce  the risk and costs of optimal well construction, extend the life of the well, and attain estimated ultimate recoveries thereby maximizing returns on investment.



Enventure’s SameDrift™ lets you extend a casing string to isolate trouble zones, while keeping the same ID. You can either tie back to the previous casing or simply clad the zone – or both.


Enventure, a leader in expandable technologies, developed the ESET system, the industry's only solid expandable liner that can be rotated and reciprocated to help operators meet their objectives, reduce non-productive time (NPT) and elevate the value of high-cost assets. 

SET® Drilling Solutions

SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells. But innovative technology never stays put.

ESeal™ Intervention Solutions

Eseal Tool staged in the shop yard before shipping out.

From re-entry programs to remediating fields, Enventure offers a broad list of applications and products to help meet your objectives.

Technology Overview

SET and ESeal technology provide a permanent, cost-effective solution for a multitude of downhole challenges whether during well construction or for well intervention throughout the life of the well – during drilling, completion and production.