ESeal™ HP Patch

A High-Performance Wellbore Repair Solution
ESeal HP Patch


Need to reclaim a lost wellbore? ESeal High Performance (HP) Patch repair products cover up problems which allow a fracturing program to restore production.

Utilizing a higher yield-strength material increases the burst and collapse rating of this high-performance wellbore repair solution. The system's increased performance is fundamental to the permanence of the repair solution, which targets restoring production quickly and reliably.

HP Patch systems are expandable solid-steel liners which withstand HPHT fracturing operations while maximizing inside diameter. The illustration shows a cut away of the conical expansion assembly in an ESeal HP Patch compressing the first set of elastomer seals against the case casing to continue the expansion to cover a parted frac sleeve.

ESeal HP Patch System Applications include:

  • Parted/split casing and tubing
  • Corrosion repair
  • Cover failed connections
  • Re-perforating
  • Water shutoff
  • Repair leaking DV tool
  • Isolate parted frac sleeves

The HP Patch is available for 4-1/2 in., 5-in., and 5-1/2 in. base casing sizes. These installed HP Patch systems can be used for plug-and-perf multistage frac operations where frac plugs are available that can be pumped throug the installed HP Patch, set below, and drilled out after the frac treatment. Twenty frac plugs have been pumped through one of our customers wells in the Eagle Ford and drilled out afterwards.

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