ESeal™ Liner

In cased-hole environments, ESeal Liner systems provide a solution to mitigate troubled casing intervals in onshore and offshore applications.

Elastomeric bands are attached to the top and bottom of the expandable liner that, when expanded, anchor the system to the base pipe. These elastomeric seals can also be placed at various intervals along the expandable liner in order to isolate specific zones. ESeal Liner systems are expanded downhole providing a larger diameter than alternative remediation options. As a solid-steel liner, it is also a permanent and reliable means of sealing and reinforcing casing sections.

Field Applications

ESeal Liner systems are most often installed to seal off perforations, damaged or corroded casing, or to reinforce casing. However, they have also been used in more novel applications such as expanded platforms for conventional packer installations and to reline entire wellbores. Operators have installed ESeal systems to control water, increase production, and reinforce casing. Because the burst strength of repaired wellbores is frequently higher than that of the original casing, ESeal systems enable stimulation treatments, wellbore treatments, and hydraulic fracturing operations.


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