The More Efficient Way to Get Through Trouble Zones.

Enventure’s SameDrift™ lets you extend a casing string to isolate trouble zones, while keeping the same ID. You can either tie back to the previous casing or simply clad the zone – or both. This ground-breaking technology will help you get through zones more efficiently than ever before.


Conventional Solid Expandable Tubulars have always allowed a greater ID (inside diameter) than traditional casing. Even so, there has always been some loss of ID. SameDrift changes that.

Time savings = cost savings

Our conventional Solid Expandables have decreased drilling time by nearly two thirds when they were a part of the drilling plan. SameDrift’s ability to maintain the same ID promises to improve upon this time savings.  

  • You’ll reduce NPT (non-productive time).
  • You’ll start production sooner.
  • You’ll increase production rates.

Extend casing strings or isolate multiple trouble zones

SameDrift has two major applications in the drilling process:

  • Extend casing strings– only requires the operator to plan for a shoe receptacle
  • Isolate multiple trouble zones - multiple clads can be installed, without losing ID. This is an industry first.

Minimize risk, maximize value

Maintaining the same drift means you can reach your total depth at planned or larger diameter.  And because it’s a solid expandable, it isolates trouble formations right the first time, reducing NPT.


SameDrift features a number of advantages all of which contribute to your bottom line.


Since the same tool is used for both openhole casing extension and openhole clad, it can be stored onsite for quick use in either situation.

One-trip expansion

  • Expansion takes only one trip, which lowers NPT.
  • Conventional drill out
  • The SameDrift shoe is drilled out with conventional techniques allowing you to continue drilling downhole.
  • Uses CLEAR™ expandable/retractable cone technology

Standardized drilling equipment

Because SameDrift maintains the same diameter, it provides two great advantages for your drilling equipment:

  • After it’s installed you can continue to use your existing drilling configuration.  
  • This also means you don’t end up with an atypical diameter requiring you to source drilling equipment using unique sizes.



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