SET® Drilling Solutions

SET® technology was born out of necessity in offshore oil and gas wells. But innovative technology never stays put. Now operators are finding many benefits when applying SET® solid expandable technology into their onshore and offshore drilling programs, which collectively equal reduced costs. Those benefits include:

  • Mitigate risk in reaching TD by providing additional casing string options
  • Eliminating NPT and reducing the days-to-depth curve
  • Accelerating production by helping bring reserves online faster
  • Slimmer well profiles which increase ROP and enable the use of smaller rigs and less consumables

Pre-planning expandables into the wellbore design has offered operators an opportunity that helps ensure reaching TD on time and on-budget.


SET Expandable Liner Hanger

Enventure’s SET® Expandable Liner Hanger is the culmination of over twenty years of experience and innovation in

SET Open Hole Clad

Openhole Clad liners are specifically designed to provide zonal isolation. Applications include stabilizing the openhole, isolating water zones, and mitigating lost circulation zones.

SET Openhole Liner

In openhole environments, SET® Systems provide a variety of solutions including mitigating risk, adding casing strings, and isolating trouble formations while retaining maximum internal diameter.