SET Expandable Liner Hanger

Enventure’s SET® Expandable Liner Hanger is the culmination of over twenty years of experience and innovation in
solid-cone expandable anchor technology. The SET Expandable Liner Hanger features a vastly simplified operations
sequence which reduces NPT and operational costs while providing high reliability. Five liner-top packing
elements greatly reduce the chance of leakage.


  • Simplified operations sequence
  • One-step hydraulic setting of both the hanger and packer
  • Integrated polished bore receptacle for tie-back capability
  • Combination hanger and five
  • API-tested liner top packers
  • No moving parts
  • Rotational capability
  • Primary and secondary expansion capability


  • Enhanced safety
  • Reduces NPT
  • Less equipment to run in hole
  • Backup and redundancy of packers
  • Improved reliability over conventional hangers
  • Contingency options for expansion and running tool release
  • Platform allows for rapid custom size development
  • Compatible with slim hole designs

SET Liner Hanger Specifications

4” × 5 1/2” SET® Expandable Liner Hanger

5” × 7” SET® Expandable Liner Hanger

5 1/2” × 7” SET® Expandable Liner Hanger

7” × 9 5/8” SET® Expandable Liner Hanger

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