Technology Overview

Field-proven the world over in virtually every basin and formation type in which the oil and gas exploration and production industry operates, SET® and ESeal™ Solid Expandable Technology allows you to achieve, and many times exceed, your well's drilling, completions, and production objectives through the use of our proprietary downhole expandable solid-steel liner systems.

SET and ESeal technology provide a permanent, cost-effective solution for a multitude of downhole challenges whether during well construction or for well intervention throughout the life of the well – during drilling, completion and production. From extending wellbore depth... to reinforcing and repairing casing... to isolating trouble formations in the openhole, Enventure's solid expandable technology can maximize your well's potential - and your company's bottom line.

We consider ourtechnology to be your best downhole solid-steel expandable solution when you have a need for:

  • A Permanent solution
  • Optimized drilling, completion and production
  • Maximized well life
  • Greater return on investment
  • Increased productive time

Independent oil companies (IOCs) of all sizes and national oil companies (NOCs) alike routinely incorporate Enventure's solid expandable technology into their well designs and plans because they know first-hand the value SET® expandable tubulars return on their investment in a well.

In 1998, when Enventure first innovated the expansion of tubulars as a then-new industry solution to address operators’ need to preserve hole ID, only a select few companies were willing to test the solution in their wells – and then only in the most difficult ones.

Today, many years later, SET® is a staple in the tool kit of almost every oil and gas exploration company in the world as seasoned engineers have gained repeated experience – and success – applying SET® technology to solve a variety of challenges in well after well.

Our seasoned engineering staff daily helps clients’ drilling, completion and production teams solve myriad issues in onshore and offshore installations – whether in shallow and deep water, pre-salt formations, unconventional reservoirs, production recovery programs in mature fields,  or in difficult wells in any drilling and production environment.

 If you are new to the industry, or need to get up to speed on this long-trusted industry well construction and intervention technology, you can learn more here.



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Technical Workshops

Enventure is committed to furthering industry knowledge about the benefits of incorporating SET® technology into drilling and production operations. SET® workshops put our experts side-by side with yours to solve real-world challenges.

How Expandable Technology Works

New to Solid Expandable Technology? See how it works here.