How Expandable Technology Works

SET® Solutions for Openhole and ESeal™ Solutions for Casedhole Environments
How SET works

SET®  and ESealtechnology utilize a cold-working process that permanently deforms expandable casing without additional heat. Expandable pipe, called EX-80, meets standards beyond those specified by API for oil and gas well use but with pre-expansion properties similar to those of API L-80 material. To facilitate the expansion process for open-hole liner, the openhole section is often under reamed before the installation. For both openhole and casedhole installations, it is essential that the wellbore be cleaned, especially in the area of the casing to be covered, to ensure that the expansion can occur freely and that the elastomers seal properly.

The bottom of the expansion system houses the launcher, which contains expansion assembly including a solid cone that is driven through the expandable liner using hydraulic pressure or mechanical force, or a combination of both. During the expansion process, the increased pipe diameter causes the overall pipe length to shorten from the top as a result of material balance. As the liner is expanded, its outer diameter (OD) increases significantly, while the wall thickness decreases only slightly. This preserves the greatest post expansion burst and collapse values possible. The cone moves up from the bottom of the liner and the expansion is completed when the anchor hanger seals the expandable liner against the original well casing, referred to as the base casing or against the wellbore rock as can occur at the liner shoe of an openhole liner expansion

SET and ESeal Systems have been installed

  • In lengths as short as 30 feet and as long as almost 7,000 ft
  • Through window exits and milled sections
  • Inside horizontal and deviated wells
  • On deepwater and onshore rigs

The flexibility of design enables each system to be tailored for a variety of applications. In addition, Expandable Technology can be combined with other enabling technologies such as intelligent completions and multilaterals.



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