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Install larger, corrosion-resistant production conduit.


Regain pressure integrity of the 7-3/4 in. production liner for stacked FracPac™ completion operations using Solid Expandable Tubular (SET™) technology.


Challenge: Design and implement a field-level remediation plan using cased-hole SET® Solid Expandable Tubular technology to facilitate production restoration.


Mitigate shale formations, in which loss of returns and sticking are common, by combining SET® expandable tubulars with sidetracking operations in order to reach additional reserves with optimized hole size.


Get back on planned drilling program and finish the well with an adequate hole size to evaluate potential production zones at TD.


Install a high-collapse SET® expandable liner to case off the trouble zone.


Drill through 200 feet of depleted sands, add a casing point and reach the pay target (measured depth between 11,000 to 13,000 feet) with adequate hole size while maintaining the smallest upper wellbore possible.


Making Enventure's Solid Expandables a part of the drilling plan enabled deep-water operators in the Mississippi Canyon to cut their previous drilling time from 140 days to just 48.  Installing over 2700 feet of Solid Expandable liners running at depths up to 4100 feet allowed...


Isolate the trouble zone while conserving hole size by planning solid expandable technology into the well design; optimize wellbore trajectory and reduce risk in sidetrack drilling operations.


Install a SET® Openhole solid expandable system fitted with injection-moulded composite standoff blades.


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