Attaining Significant Value with Solid Expandable Tubular Technology


ABSTRACT With over 1,000 installations, solid expandable tubulars have established a legacy as an enabling technology that mitigates a variety of unfavorable wellbore conditions. From preserving hole size in drilling operations, to providing the ability to re-complete an existing wellbore in production operations, solid expandable tubulars put a new and valuable tool in operator's toolbox. In addition to technical solutions, operators have realized significant savings in the consumption of equipment, days on the well, attaining optimal rate of penetration (ROP), reduction of non-productive time (NPT), and HSSE exposure. Incorporating these systems into the initial wellbore plan reduced overall costs of some wells by up to 30%. Projects previously deemed cost prohibitive gained economic feasibility. This paper describes the operational process of how solid expandable tubulars have been used in varied environments and conditions to solve a broad range of downhole problems. Actual case histories are used to illustrate how this technology was advantageous to projects, be it economic, technical, or environmental. This paper explains the planning and implementation process to ensure that maximum value of the solid expandable system is attained.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Thursday, January 1, 2009