Case Histories-Drilling and Recompletion Applications Using Solid Expandable Tubular Technology


Maximizing hole size while optimizing well economics in both conventional and deepwater wells continues to challenge the drilling community. In the recompletion arena, restoring production while applying cost-effective solutions is critical. Applying new technology to address these challenges has created unique and significant solutions especially in the field of solid expandable tubular (SET) technology. Solid expandable tubulars have been installed in both openhole and cased-hole wellbores since November 1999. These SET installations, in a variety of environments in land, offshore, and deepwater wells, solve a myriad of drilling and recompletion problems. This paper discusses both drilling and recompletion case histories including the following: · Descriptions of the drilling and recompletion challenges · Solutions to those challenges using SETs as well as the next best alternatives · Results of the application of expandable solutions · Advantages and disadvantages of SETs


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Thursday, February 28, 2002
Middle East