Casing Remediation - Extending Well Life Through the Use of Solid Expandable Casing Systems


This paper describes the Solid Expandable Tubular system and the technical concepts upon which it is based, an overview of the technology, the challenges that must be overcome, and the commercial applications. The paper then focuses on several recent field installations where cased-hole liners were used to repair wellbores and extend their life. Even with rapidly evolving technology, important issues continue to challenge the oil and gas industry, such as conservation of hole size, hydraulic isolation of selected zones, maximization of well life, and economic feasibility. Addressing these issues with conventional tubular technology has become increasingly difficult, especially in deep-drilling and extended-reach applications, in wells using liner hangers, and in aging wells containing deteriorating casing. The Solid Expandable Tubular systems, a revolutionary technology, address these issues in commercial applications and provide successful solutions that are both innovative and economically viable.


Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, June 30, 2002
North America