Coiled-Tubing Conveyed ESeal™ HP Patch Restores Integrity - Prevents Redrill in Marcellus Shale


A major Operator in the Marcellus required a solution to seal squeeze perforations which would have to withstand high pressure frac operations. The area Regulatory Agency had suspended operations, not allowing completion of the well due to poor cement behind the production casing. The Operator was required to perforate the production casing and squeeze cement. The cement squeeze alone would not hold up to the high pressures required to frac the well.


Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Wednesday, February 18, 2015
North America, USA, PA

Additional Document Information

System Plan:
System Type:
ESeal, ESeal HP Patch
Values Added:
Mitigate risk, Restore production, Environmental impact reduction, NPT reduced, Avoid replacement well/sidetrack
Casing Size:
5 1/2"
Expandable Size:
4 1/4"
Liner Length: