Development and Field Testing of Solid Expandable Corrosion Resistant Casedhole Liners to Boost Gas Production in Corrosive Environments


Economics is a universal driving force in the oil and gas industry whether offshore or on land, and the “all or nothing” gas market of the Netherlands is no exception. With extremely heavy demand in the winter and very low demands in the summer, the capacity to cover the peak demands pays very high returns. The capability to boost significantly the production capacity of existing wells by increasing the size of the completion is both economically and environmentally attractive. The development of a 13% chromium (13Cr) solid expandable tubular production quality liner enables the operator to gain extra capacity without drilling infill wells or building more surface facilities. Furthermore, abandonment costs are not affected. Solid expandable tubular technology also provides operators with the flexibility to respond to the sudden increase in future gas demands as dictated by the market. Development of new sealing systems, expansion assemblies, and gas tight expandable connections were required to make this technology a reality. This paper discusses the planning, testing, and application of this environmentally sound and economically advantageous technology. In this particular application, productivity of the well increased from 38.5 mln scf/d to 63.5 mln scf/d. The paper also expounds on the potential impact this technology will have on the future of the oil and gas industry.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 4, 2003