ESeal™ HP Liner Restores Wellbore Integrity; Enabling Planned Frac Operation



An Operator in the Marcellus preparing a well for a primary frac operation discovered a long section of leaking connections in the vertical section of a horizontal well. In order to frac the well, the Operator needed a solution to restore wellbore pressure integrity that could withstand the maximum treating pressure during the frac and maintain the integrity of the well.


After evaluating every option to repair the leaking connections, the Operator chose to run an ESeal High-Performance Solid Expandable Liner to restore pressure integrity. The well was prepped and cleaned prior to installing the 5,730 feet of expandable liner. The liner was fitted with two additional anchor hangers approximately every 1,500 feet to increase safety factors in tensile load during the frac job. After expansion, the liner was successfully pressure tested and was ready for the planned frac operation. Enventure Operation from delivery of ESeal HP Liner to location through completion of successful pressure test was less than 72 hours.

The ESeal HP Liner enabled controlled isolation with the planned injection rate at controlled entry points allowing for 9,629 tons of sand in over 64 frac stages at a 9,000psi maximum treating pressure and met the planned completion objectives for the well.   


Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Thursday, June 18, 2020
North America, USA, PA

Additional Document Information

System Plan:
System Type:
ESeal, ESeal HP Liner
Values Added:
Enable planned completion, Reduce well cost, Access new reserves, NPT reduced, Maximize Recoverable reserves, Avoid replacement well/sidetrack
Casing Size:
5 1/2"
Expandable Size:
4 1/4"
Liner Length: