ESeal™ Liner Restores Wellbore Integrity in Canadian Gas Plant Well; Extending the Life of the Asset



 A cavern well in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta needed to be remediated due to two leaking casing connections in the well.  The Operator needed a quick solution to isolate the leaking connections that would provide a gas tight isolation for the Nitrogen MIT test as well as allow for maintaining the largest internal diameter possible to ensure maximum throughput capacity.    

 Solution and Results


SubTerra Engineering worked carefully with the Operator to determine the best, most cost-effective solution to restore integrity to the well that would also provide maximum internal diameter. After careful planning with the Operator, a 120 ft. 11-3/4 x 13-5/8 in. ESeal Liner was installed in the well located within a gas plant and expanded to cover the two leaking connections. The ESeal Liner was fitted with Viton Elastomer seals above and below each leaking connection to provide a gas tight solution for the Nitrogen MIT test.  A proper MIT test with nitrogen was successfully completed to the desired pressure rating and confirmed isolation and restored well integrity.

By deploying an expandable liner system, the Operator saved the cost of drilling a new well or sidetracking. The 11.450 in. post-expanded ID of the solid expandable liner to repair sections of casing in existing cavern and storage wells is the only solution that would enable the operator to economically address the sealing issues. The operator was then able to continue utilizing the 8-5/8 in. brine casing string through the expandable liner without the need to drop a casing string size.


Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Tuesday, March 23, 2021
North America, Canada, Alberta

Additional Document Information

System Plan:
System Type:
ESeal, ESeal Liner
Values Added:
Reduce well cost, Maximize ID and TD, Extended well life, Environmental impact reduction, Avoid replacement well/sidetrack
Casing Size:
13 3/8"
Expandable Size:
11 3/4"
Liner Length: