ESeal™ Liner Restores Wellbore Integrity; Saves Operator $1.0M and Extends Life of Storage Well


Value Principles

Applying solid expandable technology in existing storage wells for sealing and repairing corroded or damaged casing allows for maintaining the largest internal diameter possible while ensuring sufficient throughput capacity. This is important in meeting the goal of extending the life of the well, with respect to regulatory compliance, while maintaining the maximum ID possible. Meeting throughput requirements is key to optimizing customer delivery of stored products. The use of proven SET® technology to repair sections of casing in existing cavern and storage wells enables the operator to economically address any sealing issues that exist as well as extend the life of the asset.


A natural gas liquids (NGL) storage cavern well in East Texas had been partially remediated with squeeze perforations along a 5,130 ft interval. The Operator needed a solution to cover the perforations to restore pressure integrity of the 9-5/8 in. base casing. Not only did the Operator need to restore pressure integrity, it was important for them to be able to re-use the 5-1/2 in. fiberglass production tubing already purchased. Additionally, the well completion required a costly non-standard packer seat below the remediated zone that was also partially remediated with squeeze perforations.

Solution and Results

After careful planning with the Operator, a 7-5/8 29.7 lb/ft single joint ESeal Patch was first installed and expanded below the remediated zone to serve as a packer seat. A 7-5/8 29.7 lb/ft ESeal Liner was then installed and expanded to cover the 5,130 feet of perforations. The ESeal Liner was fitted with 16 sections of Viton Elastomer seals on both sides of the planned perforations in the base casing to ensure isolation and restored well integrity.

By deploying an expandable liner system, this enabled the use of an off-the-shelf packer system and the existing fiberglass production tubing. This ultimately saved the operator $1.0M and enabled un-changed throughput capacity to optimize customer delivery of stored products and extend the life of the asset.


Document Type
Case History
Date Published
Wednesday, March 4, 2020
North America, USA, TX

Additional Document Information

System Plan:
System Type:
ESeal, ESeal Liner, ESeal Patch, CHL
Values Added:
Reduce well cost, Extended well life, Avoid replacement well/sidetrack
Casing Size:
9 5/8"
Expandable Size:
7 5/8"
Liner Length: