Evolution Of Expandable Tubulars Solidify Isolation Solutions


HOUSTON–Novel and unique installations of solid expandable tubulars illustrate how the technology can minimize the risk and maximize the efficiency of operations. Significant enhancements and the fundamental adaptability of the technology further solidify expandables as a viable solution for isolation challenges.Successfully isolating zones is imperative for most drilling projects,whether to mitigate problematic areas while drilling or to enable production from selected formations. The quandary lies in selecting the best solution for the particular formation characteristics and defined objective. The most equitable answer may lie in utilizing enhanced technology,applying different processes, or a combination of both. Technology,systems and procedures, such as expandable pipe, swellable elastomers,hydrajet perforating, and fracturing methods attest to the benefits of more efficient means of zonal isolation.


Document Type
Industry Article
Date Published
Tuesday, September 1, 2009