The Evolution of Solid Expandable Tubular Technology: Lessons Learned Over Five Years


The sign of empowering technology may well lie in its adaptability, versatility, and reliability as it evolves from theoretical concept to practical application. Initially developed as a means to minimize the loss of hole size when setting successive casing strings, solid expandable tubulars are now considered revolutionary technology able to address a multitude of drilling conditions and challenges and adapt to a variety of applications. In five years, expanding solid tubulars downhole has evolved from a promising idea to an operative means for well construction. Lessons learned have led not only to system improvements and a more efficient installation process but have also directly impacted the economics of drilling and production by affirming the versatility and reliability of the technology. Solid expandable tubulars boast an impressive range of application options; having been used as a contingency to mitigate drilling challenges as well as being used to provide an integral part of the wellbore design.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 1, 2005