Expandable Casedhole Liner Remediates Prolific Gas Well and Minimizes Loss of Production


As the petroleum industry ages, remediation of mature wells using cost-effective solutions is critical. Restoration of a well’s production or mechanical integrity, or accomplishing water shut-off in wells whose production is on the decline, is commonplace the world over both on land and offshore. Mature environments, such as West and South Texas, provide an appropriate arena for refurbishing older wells that still have potential hydrocarbon production remaining. Developing technology continues to address the challenges of well remediation while considering economic feasibility. One practical approach that is proving successful is a solid expandable tubular technology that consists of a new casedhole liner system. This liner system allows the customer to deploy more economical, standard oilfield tubulars and gas tight connections to make cased-hole repairs. On one particular remediation, this new cased-hole liner system was used to cover 66 ft of perforations that could not be sealed successfully using conventional squeeze cementing methods. This liner system made it possible for the customer to fracture (frac) a lower zone with the high rates and pressures needed to carry out the frac job. This paper will discuss the system design and testing of this innovative cased-hole liner system. The well preparation process, installation, and lessons learned from the application of the cased-hole liner technology will also be discussed. In conclusion, this paper will also include the liner system’s potential impact on the restoration of older wells .


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 5, 2002
North America