Expanding Oil Field Tubulars Through a Window Demonstrates Value and Provides New Well Construction Option


The oil and gas industry has remained somewhat cautious of the concept of solid expandable tubular technology since its inception more than four years ago, especially in deep water. Most drilling operators prefer to stay within their own comfort zone and let others explore the boundaries of any new technology. In nearly all of the 200-plus installations to date, solid expandable tubular systems have been deployed as either cased-hole liners, entirely inside an existing tubular, or as a drilling liner protruding from the shoe of an existing string into open hole. However, those operators pushing the boundaries of this new technology are exploring the benefits of utilizing expandables through sidetracks. Exiting through milled windows while maintaining a useable inside diameter (ID) is very attractive to operators for re-entries or in just reaching the planned depth in areas where drilling encounters unusual challenges. When solid expandable tubulars are installed in conjunction with sidetracking operations in existing wellbores, the potential benefits are the following: • The presence of an existing well reduces the cost to re-drill • Potential for an extra casing string with minimal loss of inside diameter • Bigger hole size at total depth These and other advantages make re-entry using solid expandable tubulars a more attractive option for most operators. In addition, operators with mature fields can deploy solid expandable tubulars through milled windows in existing wells to reach previously unrecoverable reserves. The technology will enable operators to utilize an existing well in fields where new infill wells are uneconomical. This paper will use case studies and field trials to demonstrate that solid expandable tubular technology can be installed through a window exit. In addition, this paper will provide evidence that this new technology gives deepwater operators another viable and unique option to evaluate prior to abandoning a well.


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Document Type
Technical Paper
Date Published
Sunday, May 2, 2004
North America